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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Nanjing Shangmao Hotel (Shangmao International Hotel Nanjing), L'hotel si trova nell'edificio di 218 metri di piazza del secolo Shangmao, un edificio di pietra a Nanjing, e nella zona principale di Xinjiekou.Di fronte all'hotel, ci sono stazioni della metropolitana di linea 1 e linea 2 che corrono attraverso la città, circa venti minuti dalla stazione ferroviaria, circa quindici minuti dalla Nanjing Shanghai e Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway, così come l'autostrada che conduce all'aeroporto, che può aumentare l'efficienza del viaggio degli ospiti.
L'hotel è un marchio innovativo investito da Nanjing Shangmao gruppo di investimenti, gestito e gestito da Nanjing Shangmao società di gestione alberghiera.Il 'nuovo' dell'hotel consiste nel combinare le esigenze dei singoli ospiti d'affari, saltare fuori da alcune limitazioni e norme di hotel stellati tradizionali, e fornire servizi intimi e personalizzati per le persone d'affari.
Tutte le tipologie di squisite camere sono dotate di strutture moderne come tavolo di concetto di business multifunzionale, accesso a Internet a banda larga e vasca di vista.Quando si alloggia in hotel, si può 'sedere in un resort a forma di Jinling, sorvolare il bellissimo paesaggio e ammirare le stelle': dall'hotel, si può avere una vista panoramica sullo splendido scenario di Nanjing, come Zijinshan, lago Xuanwu, ecc.; e quando le luci iniziano a splendere, le stelle luminose della notte ti fanno sentire come se fossi in cielo.
L'hotel ha una caffetteria di lusso, che fornisce la prima colazione dell'Asia sudorientale e cibo occidentale. Ha anche più di dieci sale riunioni e complete strutture commerciali.Nella piazza del secolo Shangmao, l'azienda di gestione alberghiera ha fornito agli ospiti un club KTV privato - 'età colorata', con decorazioni e strutture, che è più nobile.Allo stesso tempo, la piazza ha anche un ristorante girevole e un fitness club, che può fornire agli ospiti una serie di servizi esclusivi.
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  • lubintg
    Each guest room with a nice
  • angieyang215
    Hotel in very good location which is very convenient, surrounded by shopping malls
    Very good hotel, surrounded by ancillary facilities are complete.
  • f171213
    Rooms at the Panorama Room advantages vision good. layout. bed big enough ... good location. in addition to this is no disadvantage; facility slightly old. the shower didn't block. lateral curtains cannot be completely closed ... Television is provincial and local. want to see Phoenix, not to mention HBO or something. Again amazed me the most was the front face and language like this in December temperatures, didn't I politely. don't know what pride.
  • longtop138
    City Centre, shopping and dining convenience, parking space tight,
  • nico77
    Great location overlooking the panoramic view of Nanjing
  • David1100
    Conditions are still good.
  • tiansun00
    Metro station downstairs, downstairs is xinjiekou pedestrian mall shopping is convenient and breakfast was great dining shopping very convenient room spacious and comfortable to Nanjing on business preferred
  • jingle210
    Good boss
  • da182080619
    Landscape at high floor, other General
  • liucc22
    Good, top have strong feelings, you know ~ ~ ~
  • e00449929
    Good location, service, room
  • boundary
    Overall, shower good, floors high beginning dizziness symptoms
  • cicipx
    Super affordable! recommended! hotel in the perfect location, located in the center of xinjiekou pedestrian mall entrance. metro line 1, Line 2 line direct access to most of the attractions and the train station. night night beautiful; rooms and health are in place, to meet the needs of both business and leisure guests.
  • forgforg
    Hotel location is very good, the city center, down the Mall, Metro, supermarkets are very convenient, and overall I feel pretty good!
  • colorfulwu80
    Located in xinjiekou, conveniently, is near food, hotel front desk in the 43-story, feeling a bit Low, but upstairs rooms, a large, decorated atmosphere, not very old, will choose next time. PS the shower water pressure instability, water is not big enough
  • sudidog
    Very good
  • snoopyboy
    Downstairs there is subway travel, very convenient.
  • e00018166
    Very good hotel, great view of the landscape, you can see half of Nanjing city
  • sgcao
    Location is very good, however, other more suitable for business, we took the children to, and is not suitable for.
  • dalie
    Like, next to
  • arbao
    Oh, just
    Hall, on the top, was the other offices that went downstairs feeling bad. but the panoramic room very nice, spacious and bright!
  • gemengmeng
    Well located in the city centre where is very convenient
  • far away
    Good location downtown Metro shopping convenience I live upstairs room morning sun Sai the flavor
  • csy90
    Room is very big, very beautiful, and services.
  • leebytb
    Is still pretty good
  • angline
    Rooms very spacious, quiet
  • ffddaa
    Nice, but the price is a bit crowded, great location
  • appletxp
    Location not to mention downstairs is pedestrian, shopping convenience. room amenities, 708 of the higher prices, in addition to no other.
  • xianboy
    Older, leaking toilets, leaky bathroom spilled water. water from the shower too ... ... Small, shower was bad, do not hang up, only bitter hand to hold it.
  • mictravel
    Hotel entrance not very good looking, nice, travel around to dinner is very convenient for shopping, is the public and outside of the gym is the gym is not very good
  • beiron
    Very good
  • gp05213
    Higher, on the edge of the subway, the hotel health, poor service
  • Flyan!
    Two guests staying at the 2 rooms we all feel the same. good location did not say, breakfast also available, device can also have a 4-star hotel feel, use the elevator did not understand, several guests in the elevator to be chipping away at half a day. service is not professional, not 4-star level.
  • ccang1234
    Located in xinjiekou, easy shopping. large rooms, separate writing desk, back to match the router. departure time at two o'clock in the afternoon, just an afternoon rest. 55-floor revolving restaurant you can enjoy the panoramic view of Nanjing
  • pjmsmumu
  • betty99900
    Equipment, environment is very good, service is good
  • j3812260
    Convenient location. breakfast was great ... nobody is tub with, won't get good clean feeling dirty. not bubble.
  • iowgslvoew
    Get used to it, every time he came to Nanjing live here! convenient!
  • jessicalu
    Well, it is a bit expensive!
  • meimouse
    And we think it's great
  • sam @ Miu Miu
    Second, for two days, very nice hotel
  • Onlyseiren
    That's good
  • fanyunr
    Hotel is good. is the elevator really fascinating ... not much to say here ... to surprise you
  • wylx999
    Especially without seriously of comments has, and health happy can you you da. sent sent yiqian has never not to evaluation, not know waste how many points, since beauty mission points can arrived cash of when, only know points of important. later I on put this paragraph words copy has, go to which, copy to which, that can earned points, also very easy; especially without seriously of comments.
  • asagao
    Front desk staff very poor!
  • guagua
    Booked this hotel for the second time, as always, good, recommended
  • future520
    Good terrain, high cost performance, and customer satisfaction.
  • e00046011
    Travel has been a place to live, convenient, good location